VIP обслуживание в аэропортах Заказ VIP-услуги VIP пакет Услуги

VIP halls

  • The superiority and exclusiveness
    Vanity and the raised atmosphere of the largest airports of the world. Thousand people from all globe meet here every day. For the VIP of persons safety, special attention, economy of time, faultless comfort and convenience - the main priority. The state visitors and members of the government, a celebrity and business elite - personally for you special service: welcome in VIP halls of the airports of the world!

  • Personally and professionally
    Philosophy of VIP service at the airport is simple: professional and the individual approach to each of our visitors, whether flies it on regular flight or by the private jet. When passengers enjoy a cup of coffee or a champagne glass in exclusive atmosphere of a VIP hall, the decision of all formalities will be incurred by our representatives and employees of VIP service of the airport: priority registration, the help at passage of the passport and customs control, luggage registration. Passengers can take advantage also of a wide choice of dishes and drinks from the restaurant menu. At the disposal of a VIP hall visitors a meeting room, a fresh press, TV, internet.

  • Calmness and convenience
    To guarantee faultless service and the maximum safety ВИП of visitors the demand for the VIP service at the airports of Russia should be submitted not less than for 12 hours and not less than for 36 hours on the VIP service at the world airports. In the demand are specified the information on flight, a route, passengers.> a long-awaited refuge from turmoil of the uneasy airport, an islet of absolute comfort and attention for our dear visitors.

  • Comfort and respectability
    Registration on flight will not be such tiresome if you decide to take advantage of services of one of VIP-halls which are today practically in all airport terminals of the country. We invite you to visit a VIP-hall in the Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, Vnukovo. In each of them comfortable conditions for rest, works are created, is simple dialogue with relatives to you people. Having visited VIP a hall of the Sheremetyevo or VIP a hall of other airport, you will spend time pleasantly and with advantage. 

    Advantages of VIP-halls of the airports:

    • Granting of concessionary terms of registration on flight to visitors of VIP-halls of the Sheremetyevo 1, Vnukovo etc. Thanks to it time of passage of the passport and customs control is considerably reduced.
    • Delivery of luggage and hand luggage from a parking to the VIP of a hall, and as from the VIP - a hall to a parking.
    • the Highest degree of service of each client in VIP halls of Vnukovo, the Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo. The personnel purpose — to make stay of the visitor in a VIP hall of Vnukovo, the Sheremetyevo or Domodedovo as more as possible comfortable. Therefore here the passenger will feel if not as at home, at least, very cozy.
    • Possibility to take advantage in a hall VIP the Sheremetyevo and other airports services of the Internet, phone to esteem a fresh press or to look programs on multichannel TV. Even being in the VIP to an airport hall (provided that it VIP a hall in Domodedovo, the Sheremetyevo or Vnukovo), you cannot change to the habits: to look evening release of news, to conduct telephone conversations with partners etc.
    • Delivery of the passenger from a VIP hall to an aircraft comfortable minibuses
    • In VIP to visitors the detailed information on starts, arrivals, delays of flights etc. is given to a hall of the Sheremetyevo of 2 and other airports.
    • For an additional payment to services of the passenger cozy restaurant

    Besides, clients of VIP-halls of the Sheremetyevo 2 can take advantage of service VIP supports. And also the VIP-meeting or a seeing-off at the airport can be at will organized. The qualified personnel will organise for visitors who wish to stop in VIP to a hall of Sheremetyevo or other airport, reception top-level. Practically in each of the airports of Russia at your service a VIP-hall or a hall of official delegations. Underline the exclusive status, having taken advantage of services VIP a hall in Sochi, the airports of Moscow, St.-Petersburg. As having preferred VIP-halls in the Sheremetyevo and other airports, you will not allow hours of expectation of a flight to spoil impression of your travel.


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