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About VIP charters

Renting a jet, ordering a charter or a VIP charter – with us it’s easy and convenient

Jet rental: VIP flights

Paraphrasing a famous Russian saying, a private jet rental is not luxury but a means of transport. Indeed, today renting or ordering a private jet is for many businessmen, government officials, actors, singers, and sportsmen a necessity. Only by renting or ordering a private jet they are able to make it from one point of the country to another without being late or becoming tired.

You can see yourself that renting or ordering a private jet offers you a wide range of benefits which are not provided on a regular flight of the best airlines.

What benefits does a private jet rental offer you?

Renting a private jet in our company is an excellent way of travelling throughout the world. But if you want to request a jet for travelling with particular comfort, you need to rent not just a private jet but a “VIP aviation” class aircraft, i.e. a private luxury jet.

How to order a charter flight?

A VIP charter flight is an unscheduled business aviation flight.

Ordering a charter or a VIP charter means having an aircraft with crew at your disposal on a pre agreed date.

A VIP charter allows you to fly only in the company of your family, friends and colleagues and not with a random person you’ve been seated next to.

Ordering a charter or a VIP charter means securing not only a comfortable but also an absolutely safe flight.

Ordering a charter, a VIP charter or a private jet in our company is easy. Just get in touch with us any way you like and we will process each request, arrange a flight, and you will find yourself in the right place at the right time.

Big successful companies often need to rent a private jet or arrange a charter flight for their employees or a “VIP aviation” class flight for important customers and partners. Renting a jet or ordering a VIP charter for a small group of people will cost you just a little bit more than travelling by a regular flight, but you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of our jet rental service listed above.